Strap size guide

To choose a strap you need to pay attention to different measures, in this article we will briefly see which ones you need to consider and different methods to measure them.

1. Width

By width we mean the distance between one handle and another. This number is essential because it indicates the compatibility between the watch and the strap.

The width at the lug can be measured with several very simple methods:

- using a strap that you already own , you can look on the back where a number is often indicated, this is the width in millimeters of the strap at the lug

- with a ruler , having the accuracy of measuring inside the two handles and not outside

- the most accurate method is to use a caliper

1.b Buckle width

Often the straps have a tapered shape, in those cases the width at the lug does not remain the same along the whole strap up to the buckle but can vary. However, this is only important if you want to change the buckle after purchase. If that were your case, just measure the other end of the strap with a ruler or caliper.

2. Band Length (Size)

The last parameter to evaluate for the choice of the strap is the length. From this depends whether the strap will be able to adapt to the circumference of your wrist or not.

What is length? It is given by the length of the two pieces of the strap: the side with the buckle ( excluding the buckle ) and the side with the holes.

By adding these numbers you will obtain the MAXIMUM length of the strap (from which it would be ideal to remove 1-2 cm to compensate for the final part, which is not pierced).

However, in case you want customized measurements, just leave the measurements in the space provided for notes.

As with the width, there are several methods to help you find the size that fits your wrist:

1 - using a strap you already own : just measure the two parts of the strap with a ruler (remembering to exclude the buckle) and you're done, here are your reference measurements

2 - from scratch: you will need a tape measure and a ruler. First you will need to measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure.

Then measure the length of the watch case with a ruler (between the upper and lower lugs).

Once this is done you will have to calculate: WRIST CIRCUMFERENCE - WATCH CASE HEIGHT

The number you will get is the total NECESSARY length of the strap (ie part with buckle + part with holes).

For example:

Wrist circumference 20 cm - watch case height 3 cm = 17 cm

We then compare the total required strap length with the maximum strap length seen above:

Size Small (10.5+6.5) - 2cm tolerance = 15cm maximum length

Standard Size (11.5+7) - 2cm tolerance = 16.5cm maximum length

Size Large (13+8) - 2cm tolerance = 19cm maximum length

It therefore follows that with a 20cm wide wrist and a watch with a 3cm high case we should choose the Large size.

In any case, for any doubt or help in selecting the most suitable size for you, feel free to contact us.

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